Arrive in style - Susanne & Daniel knew how to do it!

Susanne's and Daniel's wedding was all about personal details and their individual style and even I, who have met them just once before, could feel that the wedding was very personal. They got married at Strömma canal, just a short distance from Susanne's family's summer house and it couldn't have been more perfect for them.

I just wrote about the personal details and look at this, Daniel is really into cars and he had racing car cufflinks and his initials on his shirt! The cool watch? It was a present from Susanne!

Susanne loves cherry trees and her nails were just amazing! They were decorated and painted with motives of cherry tree branches. Another special thing with this wedding was that I was told that the family's dog should be with us during a part of the portrait session. How it went? Well, looking at this picture to the right one might wonder if it really is a dog or maybe a special kind of..... rabbit? Just look at those ears, flying upwards, they are awesome!

As my blog header states, this couple knew how to arrive in style! They both used horse power to get there, just slightly different in style, one versus many!

Maybe it's needless to say, but I truly love when wedding couples show their joy and when the guests throw a lot of rose petals at the same time! Photos like this make me smile.

The very sunny day 28 August ended with a perfect late summer evening and when I left the wedding couple and all of the guests I knew they all would have a great night at Strömma Krog & Kanalbar. Susanne and Daniel, I hope you loved every part of the day and my photos!