Costa Smeralda wedding - Mina & Sumit - part 2

Finally I can post part two of Mina's and Sumits wedding in Sardinia! I will of course also add a looong blog post with portraits and photos from the dinner and party, but now it's time to relive the moments with the very cool wedding party before the emotional ceremony and the happy time when the couple said "I do".

Is it a strange animal in the bushes or could it be a wedding photographer doing her thing? Well, judge for yourself! The result from this special moist mud treatment for my feet can be seen above, the first photo. The photo of the bush animal is obviously not shot by me, but by my husband and photo assistant for the day. He also shot the b/w group shot just below and some of the other photos as well.

While I was hanging with the girls my husband found out that some of the guys - including the groom - seemed to miss the VM football game for the day, so they simply started to play around on their own. I just loved the relaxed feelings this couple spread throughout their wedding day!

Just before the ceremony the wedding party went to the beach to await the arrival of all of the guests. Once again, I just l.o.v.e. this relaxed couple!

Emma and Rasmus got married in 2008 and it was really nice to meet "my" wedding couple again! Since their wedding they have become three in the family and I had to take at least a few shots of them. If you want to see their wedding photos, visit my portfolio here.

Mina's wedding bouquet was made of four smaller bouquets so look what happened when she threw it! She now has four very happy unmarried female friends!