I got a question - why did I chose to be a photographer?

I just love to get e-mails with new inquiries but what I love even more is to get e-mails from previous clients when they tell me they love my photos! Recently, I get an e-mail from a boudoir session client and she tells me her new husband just loved the photos I took of her before their wedding. But this time I didn't just get nice comments about my work but also a question about how I began my business as a photographer. My honest answer to that question? I don't really know, I just did what I liked to do and before I knew it I had a business! But, what I do now is that I have always, since I was a little girl, loved beautiful things and yes, weddings are the most perfect events for someone who loves real emotions, happy people and good looking clients (yes, all brides and grooms look gorgeous on their wedding day!)! Have I studied photography? No. Did I have a lot of experience when I took on my first assignment? No (actually, I don't understand how I dared to do it!). Have I ever had a mentor in the business? No. And finally, do I love what I do, am I inspired by the love in the air around me and am I happy tonight, full of inspiration? YES!

And of course I can't write a blog post without also posting some photos, so here are some from one of my weddings in August! The photos above are from the couple's first look, real emotions and love!