Lindísima weddings 2010 - there's a good thing going!

Yup, now it's a fact... I only have brides with an exquisite sense of style and in addition, they all look good! Today Johanna was "my" bride (well, to be honest one could say that she was Dennis' bride, but you know what I mean!) and she had chosen these gorgeous wedding shoes to go with her bouquet. As you might know by now I LOVE coloured wedding shoes and these definately weren't an exception! And Johanna...? Yes, she looked stunning, don't you think! And yes, I will post more photos in a couple of days!

Photographers, all these photos except the one with the bouquet were shot with my new good friend... my Canon 85 mm f1.2L lens! So far I love it, but gosh, f1.2 for portraits really gives an ultra short depth of field!

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