My friend Pernilla, the most beautiful bride ever seen!

First of all, Pernilla is gorgeous, in every way. Secondly, her love for Tor-Harald made her glow even more and completely regardless of the fact that she is my friend, I have to say that she was T.H.E. most beautiful bride ever when she said "I do" and became Mrs! I wasn't the official portrait photographer yesterday because Pernilla is not only my friend, she is also friend and relative to my friend and colleague Jenny Hammar. I suppose you will be able to see Jenny's portait on her blog later on (and I will later post some I took as well) but for now I can show you some photos from Pernilla's preparations just to prove to you what I said about how gorgeous she looks!

This time I also want to say something extra about Mia Högfeldt, hair stylist and make-up artist. If you ever need to look stunning, I strongly advice you to contact her, she was absolutely great! Apart from being great for brides, she works a lot with beauty and fashion photography and she is also chief editor at Gazet.

Pernilla didn't want to wear a veil but she did wish to do something extra to get the bridal touch. So, I and Jenny suggested that she should go for a birdcage or a coiffe and she did! Nevertheless, it isn't easy to find a coiffe that matches perfectly with a special dress so I asked if I could make one for her as a gift. And she said yes! So, I did two similar versions for her to choose from and you can see the one she went for on the photo below, handmade by me! What happened with the one she didn't pick? Well, I still have it so if you want to buy it, contact me!

Having breakfeast or early lunch at a table full of make-up, hair products and other bridal stuff? Well, if you're the father of the bride you may have to deal with it!