My network of wedding photographers inspires me!

One could say that we are competitors but I really prefer to say that we are colleagues and during the last year we have also become close friends! I talk about the great wedding photographers Erika Gerdemark, Anna Roström at Smallpigart, Alicia Swedenborg, Jenny Hammar and Lieselotte van der Meijs with whom I have had many fun and inspiring meetings.

What ties us all together is the passion for our work but also the will to inspire and be inspired. This helps us to grow and develop creatively. Now you can find our web site at!

Although we are all based out of Stockholm, we travel all over Sweden and the world to photograph weddings. We have separate companies and different ways of working, but we have the common goal to help our clients get the best photos they can get and constantly strive for a healthy wedding industry, both for photographers and our clients!

© The photos above by Helén Karlsson