Photo talk + meeting YOU February 8 = FUN!

I have always enjoyed sharing my experience with people and even though it takes more time than I want to admit, I love getting questions about how I work. So, when Juliana Wiklund asked if I could come and talk to the members of Fotosidan's wedding photography group (which she is hosting), I shouted "YES" right away! I will talk about my workflow, my way of working with the clients and share my thoughts about post processing (which, in my view, is an important part of creating your own style!). If you are or want to be a member and want to hear what I have to say, come and join us February 8! For more information and booking (it's free and maximum 20 participants), see Fotosidan's wedding group.

The photos in this post is some of the pages of the wedding album I have been working with today. As almost always I used only natural light. Want to know more, come and meet me!