Welcome to my newly designed Lindísima world!

Because I haven't updated the design of my website since 2007 it was about time I did something about it! I started to work on the new site for quite some time ago but I have been so busy (which is a good thing) that it took me a bit longer than I had hoped for to get it ready. But, now it's here and I am soooo happy about it!

Early on in the process I new I wanted a site that is light, clean, new and fresh, combining the blog with the traditional portfolio website and shows my photos in the best possible way for clients, clients to be, colleagues in the business, friends, family and yes... practically everyone! I asked Robert Eldrim at Medljus, who is a photographer but also a great web designer, if he could help me with some design ideas, and yes, what you can see now is all based on the great initial drafts he came up with! I want to send a BIG hug to both him and the people at Vektorgrafik that made it all happen, thanks guys!

To you, my blog readers, I want to say a warm welcome! I hope you enjoy the site, my photos and that you want to talk to me and each other through blog comments and in every other way possible that you can think of. I love to get comments on my work so please feel free to speak your mind here on the blog and also to share my site with the world and to link to it whenever you want! And yes, you can write in both Swedish and English but I'll stick to English most of the time because of my international blog readers. So, WELCOME and enjoy my site!

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Photo © Helén Karlsson