A modern bride with model talent and a sense of fashion!

When I met Anna before her wedding she told me that the dress was an important part of her wedding. Later, when I saw it on her wedding day, I instantly knew that she has a unique sense of style and wanted to have something more than the ordinary, just look at these photos!

Usually I try to avoid bright sun for portraits but when I had a bride like this in front of the camera there was no doubt I had to go for some fashion inspired photos with a genuine model feeling to them. All photos are shot with Canon 5D EOS MarkII (as always) and Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro (yes, it's actually also a great portrait lens!) wide open, the close up portrait 1/4000 s and the other portrait 1/2500. Only natural light, i.e. no fill light, bouncers, reflectors etc.