Anna & Olivier - Swedish/French love at Oscarskyrkan

I have posted a few photos of this couple previously but I definately want to show you "a few" more, so here they are! Anna and Olivier got married July 10 and it was a beautiful day and a one of a kind wedding! Need I say that this happy couple loved to be in front of my camera? Well I don't think I have to, because it's obvious thay they enjoyed every part of their day!

Do you think this blog post is too long? Well, hang in there and don't miss the great portraits at the end!

When Anna and Olivier had left the church there was complete confusion about what they and the guests should do. So, instead of go hiding for the traditional rise/rose petals moment in front of the church when all the guests have gathered, the congratulations started at once and it got very (!) crowded just outside the church. But, who cares when the couple look as happy as this couple do!

On our way from Oscarskyrkan to Waxholms kastell we made a short stop for some quick photos in the grass just beside the main road. We didn't really have that much time and this mini session took only 10 minutes. The photos below were actually shot in less than 6 minutes according to the exif-information from my camera!

This is the first time I have shot wedding photos hanging out through the back seat window of my own car! Do you wonder who drove my car? I guess it's a reasonable question and many thanks to the driver of the wedding car who took my place in my car so I could get photos of the couple on their way to Waxholm.

Yes, it was a very windy day! Wind, a huge wedding dress and a veil can sometimes be a troublesome combination, but it also gives a lot of opportunities for me as a photographer!

As I said, work with the wind instead of against it! This bride definately knew how she should do it!

Last but not least, a warm hug and many thanks to Malin Mauritsen who assisted me during this wedding! We have been friends for a couple of years but it's always to long between the times when we can see each other, because she moved to Germany some time ago. She still has an (old!) Swedish web site and I really look forward to her new one! She is about to start her German business and if you need a wedding photographer in Germany I recommend you to contact her (that is if you don't want me to go there of course :-))!