Black and white stylish summer wedding in Stockholm

Anette and Peter married in Stockholm and I just love the locations they had chosen, Berns hotel, the wedding at S:t Jacobs church close to Kungsträdgården and dinner at Operakällaren. The tricky thing was that their wedding was the same day both as Stockholm marathon and an event in Kungsträdgården, which meant that the city was completely crowded with people. But, despite that we managed to get very relaxed portraits even though we had a lot of people passing by looking at us while shooting. We started at Berns and then simply walked towards the church and used the photo opportunities on the way.

Anette and Peter, you were great!

I particularly like the series below. I found this fantastic tree in Berzeli park and I think it was just the perfect place to shoot at!

I have seen many brides with coloured shoes by now, but I had never before seen a bride with the perfect black wedding shoes. Now I have!

After walking through the crowded Kungsträdgården, we found the silence close to the wedding church S:t Jacob.