Costa Smeralda wedding - Mina & Sumit - part 3

Okay, I admit, I should have posted more portraits earlier but I haven't been able to! I simply had to look through all shots of this great couple first and that has taken some time. Anyway, here are the portraits from Mina's and Sumit's wedding in Sardinia in June, starting with the couple's first look of the day.

As always, I try to shoot as much as I can without flash and so did I also this time. But, the reflector held by my assistant/husband was absolutely necessary this time, the sun were really, really bright!

After having shot the first portraits close to their family's house, we went to the small mountain village where Mina lived when she was a kid, San Pantaleo. There we took a few photos as well even if it was difficult to find suitable light during the middle of the day. In addition to that, the square was occupied because of preparations for the evening festivities due to the regatta at Porto Cervo. But, it's always possible to get some great shots!

At the end of the portrait session we headed back to the coast to Porto Cervo where these photos were taken.  Finally I found some open shade and and love, love, love these ones!

Mina and Sumit, you are both soooo nice and you made our stay in Sardinia something to remember for a long time! I know you're perfect for each other and both my husband and I wish you the very best!