It's time to get new energy for all 2012 photo sessions!

Many people have their holidays during the Swedish summer in June - August but for a wedding photographer that's not really an option! So, after a long summer and fall season 2011 it's finally time for me to take some time to relax and get new inspiration and energy before the 2012 season kicks off. I love my work but the following weeks I will love even more to lay down at the beach, say "Hi" to Nemo and his friends below the surface and to visit the Golden Triangle with the camera in my hand. Ehhh..... yes, I will bring my camera because it's not only lazy days ahead but also some documentary work on the schedule!

I hope you will have patience with me if I'm slow at answering to your e-mails. I will be back at the office January 23' and if you have urgent questions please contact my studio colleague Sandra Birgersdotter at, she will be in the studio as usual.