Lindísima in a French documentary about love and erotism

Some time ago I was contacted by a French tv production company and today I got a visit from them in my studio during a boudoir photo session! They are preparing a documentary about love, erotism and sexuality in Stockholm and had asked me to participate and show my work. It will be a documentary made in an informative, respectful way, attempting to show originality and beauty and I'm so thrilled to be a part of it! It will be part of a series of documentaries called Sex in the World's Cities, produced for the French TV channel "Paris Première". Other episodes has already been produced about other cities in the world, like New York, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Montreal... The program will be sent in France during the second season and will probably be on air during winter/spring 2012.

I had asked the amazing Hanna to be the model for this occasion and we were filmed while shooting a super short boudoir session. I will post more photos but for now you'll have to do with these ones. Hanna, we shot for ELEVEN minutes and we nailed so many shots during that short time that I am completely stunned! I will keep you all updated!

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