Malin & Mathieu - a French Swedish Love Story

Do you want the recipe for a great wedding? Well, do just as Malin and Mathieu did! The ingredients are: family and friends from Sweden and France, a great hairdresser, a really cool place for the portraits and to stay (Hotell Hellsten), have rice mixed with lavender thrown at you after the ceremony, scented flowers in your hair and bouquet, pick a winter day when it's -10 degrees and snowing, choose a photographer equipped with tons of inspiration, have warm soup for the guests after the cold trip from the church and - I think this is a main ingredient :-) - talk your parents into dancing Thriller together with you in front of all other guests after dinner!

Malin's and Mathieu's wedding was quite a challenge because of almost six hour's of shooting indoors in practically no light, but at the same time I really enjoyed every minute because everything was perfect! Malin and Mathieu - you and your families are the BEST! I hope you looove the photos!