Pernilla's & Tor Harald's wedding day - part 2

This was the first time in years I haven't walked around anything in the church during the wedding. Why? Because this time I was not there primarily as a wedding photographer but as a friend and, hold on, a singer. But of course I couldn't leave my camera at home! I have posted photos from Pernilla's preparations in an earlier blog post, but here are some from the actual wedding and also from the portrait session during which my friend and great photographer colleague Jenny Hammar was the main photographer. And yes, Jenny also know Pernilla (well, they are actually related)! You can find her photos of Pernilla and Tor Harald here on her blog.

Jenny did a great job chosing photo friendly locations and I just loooove the field she selected for the first part of the session! And also, having the photo session late in the afternoon gave us perfect light!

Because Jenny was the main photographer I tried to stay away, using long lenses, most of the time. However, when she did some detail shots I could "borrow" the gorgeous bride and groom for a short while.

Yup, she is beautiful!

For the second location, Jenny had found a house with a soft blue colour and it gave us both some shade and a perfect background for the photos. And I must say, it's inspiring to come along with another really great photographer and not feel the pressure to take specific photos. Instead I could simply look for great shots and do my thing. And yes, it was kind of strange for me not to give any directions at all!