Sara & Anneli - I look forward to meeting you!

bloglovin bloglovin I have got soooooo many more e-mails from photographers all over Sweden than I had expected - and I looove it! I really would like to meet you all - and who knows, it might happen some day! - but for now I can only promise to let two of you come along during weddings this season. How did I choose? Well, I have actually stuck to what I wrote initially so I have selected two persons which have proven that they love wedding photography! Who they are...? Anneli Larsson and Sara Landstedt! I really look forward to meet you! Please call me to find a date (you have my phone no. in my reply by e-mail)!

And of course, a photo from today's wedding at Hammarby Sjöstad. I will post more pictures from this wedding soon to prove the bride wrong... She told me she doesn't photograph well but she definately doesn't know what she's talking about, because she is absolutely stunning!