Thanks for a fantastic 2010 and happy new year!

Today it's new years eve and I can look back at 2010 as a year full of fantastic clients which have given me a lot of fun with my camera! I, on the other hand, usually try to avoid getting in front of the lens but a couple of month ago I did something very unusual, I booked a photo session..... for me! My dear friend and extremly-over-talented-fantastic-great-best-photographer (I know this isn't a word but I think you'll all understand what I'm trying to say!) Erika Gerdemark got a real challenge to try to turn me into a model and yes, I think she did very well! Soon I will upload some of my personal wedding favourites from 2010 here on the blog but for now you're stuck with a bunch of photos of me. Happy new year to all of you! Erika - THANKS!

© All photos in this post: Erika Gerdemark