The power of introverts - TED Ideas worth spreading

I rarely write personal things here on my blog because I see my site as a place to display my work, not my private person. But, living in a fast moving world where personality becomes increasingly important also in business (especially for creative work)  I sometimes feel less "worthy" because I simply don't enjoy writing about this and that on such a public place as internet.  I often  feel I should learn to be more open in public writing and share all not-so-important-details about my personal life with you but on the other hand I want to be ME and focus on my work here. And besides, once you meet me you'll problably learn a lot about me pretty fast because I'm a very easy going talkative person while photographing. So, what do I want to say? Well, I just want to share a clip from TED with you, click at this link and hear Susan Cain talk about the power of introverts, she could be talking about me!

And what could suit this post better than a photo from a Jewish wedding I am not allowed to post portraits from. The couple want to keep their privacy so I pick a photo without their faces, yet filled with tons of emotions during their first dance.