Wedding at Grand Hôtel, S:t Jacob and Bååt's palace

Susanna and Peter got married on the first day of summer in Stockholm. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky and when I met with Susanna at Grand Hôtel for her preparations one could look at Stockholm city at its best from their balcony. She had picked a dress from Atelier Diagonal and it made her glow, it was just perfect for her! Do you want to know what was in the huge box from Tiffany's? Well, so do I, it was a wedding day gift to them and I couldn't avoid to notice the classic Tiffany colour.

Susanna and Peter, congratulations to both of you!

The wedding planner Carina Sturesson at Carisma Bröllopskonsulterna did a great job throughout the day!

From now on I think I should advice all future grooms to take a look at Peter's outfit. He definately has earned a golden star in the photographer's heaven because of his hat and other details!

When Susanna was asked by the priest before the wedding if she could define the word love, she simply said "Love is Peter". I don't think she had to say it because it's very obvious from the photo below.

Last but not least, thanks to both my friend and fellow photographer Åsa Deleau Wiklund and to my husband Teno for assisting me during different parts of the day!