A preview from when Ann became Mrs Rihani!

Yesterday I headed to Rånäs slott, confident that it's a place for great weddings and great wedding couples! And, I was right! Again, I remembered that this bride to be had told me earlier she never ever looks good at photos. But such comments only makes it even more fun to shoot because I know that all my brides - and this isn't just a saying, I assure you! - will look gorgeous! A perfect dress, nice hair and a lovely birdcage did a lot for her looks but the most important ingredient to become this stunning was of course her love for Sam and having all of their families and friends with them on their wedding day!

And what about the groom? Well, he was cool, relaxed and had some amazing details to lay your eyes on as well.

As always I had a great assistant with me, this time it was Özgür Engüzel who helped me carry all my equipment, parked my car and acted like my third (and fourth) hand throughout the day. Thanks!