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Det har tagit alldeles för lång tid men nu efter något år med bebisfokus hemma kan jag äntligen säga att den är här! I dag lanserar jag stolt min nya hemsida och hoppas att just du ska hitta inspiration här framöver. Kolla gärna runt och sprid sidan vidare till dina vänner när du hittar något du gillar och vill dela med dig av. Det finns alltid tillfällen att fotografera - livet händer ju precis just nu!

I have had this project on my mind for way to long but finally! Today I'm proud to welcome you to my rebranded website!

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
— Carl Sagan

Nyårsbröllop med 20-talstema och stjärnglans

Nu när 2015 går mot sitt slut passar jag på att bjuda på förra nyårsaftonens sagolika nyårsbröllop i 20-talstema med glitter, glamour, stjärnor, fyrverkerier, nyårskonfetti och inte minst, ett strålande vackert brudpar! Jag och Mia Högfeldt har jobbat tillsammans på en massa bröllop men den här gången fick hon lämna sminkpenslarna hemma och själv dressa upp i en fantastiskt brudklänning med en stilig herre vid sin sida. Vad jag gjorde? Nåväl, jag var bröllopsfotograf som vanligt men hade också en alldeles egen plats som gäst vid bordet.

Så, här får ni frossa i klänning, porträtt, en sagolik vigsel med specialskriven musik, bröllopsmiddag med tal från nära och kära och en fest som inte gick av för hackor. Tack för ett nästan klart 2015 och med hopp om ett 2016 fullt av kärlek, bröllop, vardag och fest!

nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-101
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-102
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-103
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-104
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-105
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-106
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-107
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-110
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-108
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-109
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-111
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-112
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-115
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-114
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-113
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-116
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-117
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-118
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-119
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-120
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-121
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-123
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-122
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-124
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-125
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-127
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-128
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-129
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-130
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-131
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-135
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-139
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-137
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-138
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-132
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-133
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-140
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-134
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-136
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-141
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-142
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-143
nyårsbröllop fotograf lindisima mia högfeldt-144

Jennifer & Stefan - the first teasers from their day!

Den senaste veckan har varit helt makalöst intensiv och alldeles fantastisk. Det gör att jag har en massa bilder jag skulle vilja visa men jag hinner inte med! Trots det så bara måste jag lägga upp några få bilder från mitt heldagsbröllop i lördags, då Jennifer och Stefan gifte sig i Stora Sköndals kyrka och sedan firade kvällen lång på Junibacken. De var superfina och det var ett härligt bröllop att vara med på!

The last week has been crazy and amazing at the same time. I have so many new photos I want to share with you but I'm simply falling behing! But, I just have to post at least a few from my wedding last Saturday when Jennifer and Stefan got married in Stora Sköndals church and then celebrated at Junibacken. They looked stunning and it was a great wedding to be part of!

Sofia's & Lars' wedding at Såstaholm in Täby

As I told you yesterday I have had a buzy weekend but I can't complain because I got the chance to photograph Sofia and Lars in Vallentuna church and at Såstaholm Gård in Täby! They had a great day and when I left them I just knew that the evening would be just as great. It can't be any other way at Såstaholm!

bröllopsfotograf i Solna, Täby, Stockholm och utomlands - bröllopsbilder - bröllop - Såstaholms gård - Linda Broström - fotograf

It was a surprise but yes, M & A are married!

Last Friday I woke up early to go to Blidö for a family portrait session. Marie and Andreas had invited their families to celebrate their youngest child and wanted to take the opportunity to take family pictures. However, the invited guests soon found out that they hadn't been told the whole truth - it was also a wedding on the beach! Marie and Andreas, my best wishes to you both and here is a small teaser, a few photos from your wedding day!

bröllopsfotograf i Solna, Stockholm, Norrtälje och Blidö - fotograf Linda Broström - strandbröllop - bröllopsfotografer

A man, a woman, a beach, sun and some passion

The ingredients for these pictures were: me with one camera and two lenses (50 mm and 85 mm), an assistant (Mats of course) holding a thousand things (in the end he had to hold the clothes that kind of came off along the way.....), a man, a woman, some flowers, the beach in Mellbystrand, a sky with fantastic summer clouds, a freezing cold ocean and a lot of passion! And as a special message to A's and L's friends who may see this - no, they haven't eloped and got married without inviting you. It may seem like that but no, after one first date in 15 years that should maybe have been a little to much. But I'm happy they wanted to be in front of my camera and they really worked it! And who knows what might happen in the future....

bröllopsfotograf i Mellbystrand, Laholm, Halland - bröllop - strandbröllop - utlandsbröllop - bröllopsfotograf Linda Broström

Negin's & Faraz' beautiful wedding will be posted tomorrow!

I just have to post a couple of photos from a persian wedding I photographed at Såstaholm on Saturday! So, here are a small preview of Negin's and Faraz' beautiful wedding, come back tomorrow to see more!

bröllopsfotograf på såstaholm täby - solna - persiskt bröllop - bröllopsfotografer - stockholm linda broström - lindísima - bröllop

All my lovely brides from season 2011 – part 3 of 3

To be honest I don't often chose colourful clothes and I don't know if I can be described as a colourful person (I try to avoid buying black and grey clothes but fails now and then...), but when it comes to my style as a wedding photographer I tend to work with high contrast which boosts colour in a great way. I often get questions about my post processing but no, I hardly work with added saturation at all! Do you want your wedding photos to be full of contrasts and colours too? Well, get inspired!

bröllopsbilder med färg - bröllopsfotograf i stockholm solna sverige - fotograf linda broström - lindisima - bröllopsfotografer

Britt-Marie & Per - And why I love my job and clients

Those of you who know me in real life or have followed my blog for some time, know that I took a giant step professionally some time ago. I left my daytime work as a tax lawyer to become a full time photographer. I have a small business on my own, run everything by myself and share studio and office with one of my best friends, Sandra Birgersdotter. But, the changes in my life don't stop there. This past year I have done a long journey also in my private life and even though I always will be the same person I definately see things a bit different now than I did only a year ago. Again, those of you who know me know at least some of what I'm talking about and for those of you who don't I can only say that I have gone through a divorce. So, now it's said. I will never be the kind of person who discuss such private things on internet but at the same time, it has affected who I am today. And, beacuse of the end of my own relationship I have thought a lot about love, relationships, why it works for some but not for everyone, what I want and what I have to give, and I think that my insights also reflect on other relationships, such as those with my clients.

Last fall when I told my close friends about the split up I was questionned more than once if I would find it difficult to photograph weddings again but my absolute answer to that was "No, not at all!". The reason why? Well, regardless of what I have gone throught I still believe in real love, life, happiness, the joy of giving and something that I haven't thought about as much earlier as I do today - to live the moment and accept emotions as they are, here and now, regardless of whether they are good or bad. I also believe that you can't fake an image of real emotions and working with so many couples in love gives me a huge vitamin injection as far as believing in love is concerned! So, that's one of the reaons why I love my job and my clients, they all make me feel alive and positive!

Britt-Marie and Per, you are no exception and I am so happy I will be photographing your wedding at Södertuna slott in about a month! You and your love are real and make me feel alive! /Linda

bröllopsfotograf - wedding photographer - bröllop - södertuna slott - destination wedding - sweden - stockholm - fotograf - lindísima - linda broström - bröllopsfotograf - solna - private gift - morgongåvefotografering - bröllopsfotograf stockholm

Winter sunset - wedding photography with love

A couple of days ago I promised to blog some sunset photos from a winter wedding and here they are. I just love, love, love the natural sun flare and the warm light 40 minutes before sunset! To all photographers out there reading my blog I can add that the photo above and almost all other pics in this post are shot with one of my favourite portrait lenses, Canon 85 mm f1.2, shot in manual mode wide open at 1.2, shutter speed 1/4000 and ISO 100. During the post processing in Lightroom I have increased the contrast and the blackness, decreased yellow and orange, added some extra warmth and adjusted the exposure and made the photo a bit lighter (and of course sharpened for webb).

Anna and Joel, I hope you love the photos and I have to say that it was pure joy to be with the two of you for an one hour photo session on your wedding day!

I love to photograph details and this time I put the wedding rings on some large and dried seeds from a bush. The same bush can also be seen just below the photo of the rings. For most of my details shots I use Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro and so I did also this time.

The two photos below are taken with one of my other favourite lenses, Canon 135 mm f2.0 (as usual shot wide open).

bröllopsfotograf - stockholm - sverige - wedding photographer - sweden - destination wedding photographer - porträttfotograf