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Dags att fundera på att boka bröllopsfotograf för 2016!

bröllopsfotograf16maj Under maj månad kickar säsongen för bröllop i gång ordentligt varje år och i år var inget undantag. Så, även om jag är lite mer begränsad i vad jag visar här på bloggen på grund av att jag också är hemma med en liten bebis under vardagarna så har det varit fullt upp på lördagarna. Dessa bilder är från en av mina bröllopsfotograferingar vid Stallmästaregården i maj och även om paret har bett om att få hålla den största delen av sina bröllopsbilder privata så har jag nu efter deras bildvisning fått okey på att visa dessa. Den första, lite drömska bilden på paret här ovan, tillhör en av mina favoriter så långt i år och jag är glad att få visa dessa bildexempel!

Inte nog med att jag försöker kombinera nyblivet mammaliv med en massa roliga uppdrag som bröllopsfotograf just nu utan nu har också bokningarna för sommaren 2016 börjat trilla in på allvar. Så, om ni planerar bröllop under 2016 så är det läge att börja kika runt efter vilken bröllopsfotograf ni vill boka. Vill ni att jag ska vara med er under er dag så är ni varmt välkomna att höra av er via mail eller telefon 070-175 43 24!


Norskt "destination wedding" på Görvälns slott, Stockholm

Som bröllopsfotograf är jag självklart med på en massa bröllop varje år och även om alla får en speciell plats i mitt hjärta så är det vissa bröllop som gör mig helt lycklig. Känslan, människorna, brudparet, klänningen, detaljerna, kärleken och miljön, under detta norska bröllop på Görvälns slott norr om Stockholm så fanns allt på plats! Jag har bara börjat sortera bland bilderna ännu men kan inte låta bli att dela med mig! M och P, ni och era bröllopsbilder är sagolika!

As a wedding photographer, I photograph many, many weddings each year, and although each and everyone has a special place in my heart, some weddings stand out and make me extra happy. The feeling, the people, the bride and groom, the dress, the details, the love and the environment, for this Norwegian destination wedding at Görväln's castle just north of Stockholm everthing fit together like never before! I have only begun to go through the pictures but just have to share some with you! M and P, you and your wedding pictures are fabulous!

Location: Görvälns slott Dress: Pronovias, from White Brud & Fest Wedding coordinator: Wedding in Sweden

A man, a woman, a beach, sun and some passion

The ingredients for these pictures were: me with one camera and two lenses (50 mm and 85 mm), an assistant (Mats of course) holding a thousand things (in the end he had to hold the clothes that kind of came off along the way.....), a man, a woman, some flowers, the beach in Mellbystrand, a sky with fantastic summer clouds, a freezing cold ocean and a lot of passion! And as a special message to A's and L's friends who may see this - no, they haven't eloped and got married without inviting you. It may seem like that but no, after one first date in 15 years that should maybe have been a little to much. But I'm happy they wanted to be in front of my camera and they really worked it! And who knows what might happen in the future....

bröllopsfotograf i Mellbystrand, Laholm, Halland - bröllop - strandbröllop - utlandsbröllop - bröllopsfotograf Linda Broström

Sweetest Kasia's & Adrian's Friday wedding today!


Kasia may be one of the sweetest brides I have photographed and we had a relaxed time together earlier today when she married Adrian in Stockholm. We walked through the city and it didn't even feel like work for me! Kasia and Adrian, here are some of your photos and now you can share them with your family and friends in Poland, Switzerland and all over the world!

bröllopsfotograf i Stockholm, Solna, Sverige - destination wedding - fredagsbröllop - linda broström lindísima lindisima - bröllop

All my lovely brides from season 2011 – part 3 of 3

To be honest I don't often chose colourful clothes and I don't know if I can be described as a colourful person (I try to avoid buying black and grey clothes but fails now and then...), but when it comes to my style as a wedding photographer I tend to work with high contrast which boosts colour in a great way. I often get questions about my post processing but no, I hardly work with added saturation at all! Do you want your wedding photos to be full of contrasts and colours too? Well, get inspired!

bröllopsbilder med färg - bröllopsfotograf i stockholm solna sverige - fotograf linda broström - lindisima - bröllopsfotografer

2010 in review part 2 - The warm coloured favourites!

Part 2 of my blog post about my 2010 wedding favourites is dedicated to photos full of life, warm colours and intense emotions. It's a mix of photots from different weddings with one thing to unite them all - love and happiness!

2010 in review part 1 - The soft coloured wedding favourites!

2010 has ended and I have had a great year with ONLY fantastic wedding couples to photograph! Now I look forward to a new year full of new opportunities and great experiences and I hope you will be part of my 2011 here on my blog - as a client or by posting a lot of comments! But, before I can share my first 2011 wedding pictures with you I want to celebrate all of my 2010 clients with a massive blog post in three parts and here is the first one. Enjoy!

VIP Wedding - Perfect love in black & white

A couple of days ago I posted photos from Alexandra's and Joacim's very intimate wedding at Arlanda and I really thought that was it. But, while going through all of their photos and preparing their client gallery I realized I just have to share a few more! Alexandra and Joacim have asked for a majority of photos in b/w, which reflects also on this post. The ceremony took place in the VIP area at Arlanda airport and I was honored to be one of the two witnesses required by law.

As I told you in my earlier post Alexandra hadn't seen neither the wedding rings nor the flowers before the wedding. Guess if she loved to see the bling for the first time!

Having a wedding photo session in a crowded public area is special, the bride and groom just have to enjoy the cheering and congratulations from people passing by!