Mellbystrand Halland Laholm

A man, a woman, a beach, sun and some passion

The ingredients for these pictures were: me with one camera and two lenses (50 mm and 85 mm), an assistant (Mats of course) holding a thousand things (in the end he had to hold the clothes that kind of came off along the way.....), a man, a woman, some flowers, the beach in Mellbystrand, a sky with fantastic summer clouds, a freezing cold ocean and a lot of passion! And as a special message to A's and L's friends who may see this - no, they haven't eloped and got married without inviting you. It may seem like that but no, after one first date in 15 years that should maybe have been a little to much. But I'm happy they wanted to be in front of my camera and they really worked it! And who knows what might happen in the future....

bröllopsfotograf i Mellbystrand, Laholm, Halland - bröllop - strandbröllop - utlandsbröllop - bröllopsfotograf Linda Broström