Book a boudoir session and feel absolutely amazing!

Personally, I like to be in control and yes, one of the effects from that is that I don't like to be photographed if I don't know what the photo will look like. At all. And that's it. But, at the same time, it's an amazing feeling when I see a photo of myself that I actually like and it does something special for my self confidence that almost can't be described! So, even though I say I don't like to be photographed I have a kind of constant secret wish to get beautiful photos of myself and I think the hate-love relationship I have with the camera makes me understand the many clients that book me for a boudoir session. For someone that never have been photographed professionally before it might seem intimidating to take these kind of photos but I promise that the end result will give the self confidence a boost!

I never post boudoir photos without getting permission from the client and when I asked this gorgeous bride about it she swiftly replied that "You don't know what your question does for my ego :-)!" and then she thanked ME! But, come on, I'm the one that should thank her for allowing me to post this, she is so beautiful!

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