Lite boudoir lagom till helgen - högsäsong nu!

De här boudoirbilderna fotograferade jag för ett litet tag sedan, i går var en blivande brud här för sin morgongåva till sin blivande och just nu sitter jag och väntar på att dagens boudoirkund ska komma hit. Det är högsäsong för morgongåvebilder i bourdoirstil och jag älskar att jobba med detta! Är du nyfiken, vill låta dig fotograferas och få en superkick? Hör av dig, oavsett om du har ett bröllop framför dig eller inte! Jag lovar att det är minst lika uppiggande för sinnet som ett spabesök eller en shoppingrunda på stan!

I took these boudoir photos a while ago, yesterday a bride to be visited me to be photographed and right now I'm waiting to today's boudoir client. It's high season for boudoir sessions and I love it! Are you curious, want to be photographed in this style and get a super ego boost? Let me know, it doesn't matter if you are getting married soon on not! I promise a session like this is just as up lifting for your mood as a spa visit or shopping!

Boudoir photos - a very private gift for someone special

Your wedding could be a great opportunity to give a very private gift to your someone special. But, don't forget that you don't have to get married to do this - your someone special could just as well be yourself or your best friend who needs an ego boost! This woman actually is getting married soon but I think she is also celebrating herself and her new look!

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New Boudoir/Private Gift photos from a recent session

Fotografera morgongåva hos Lindísima I absolute love to photograph boudoir sessions! These two photos are from a recent session here in my studio and will be given as a Private Gift® to one happy groom to be.

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A beautiful bride's boudoir photos as a Private Gift

Yesterday this beautiful bride became someone's Mrs and I am happy to show you a few photos from her boudoir session in my studio. The photographer she had booked cancelled the photo session just hours before their appointment and great colleagues told her about me. I am so happy for that and I'm sure her husband will love both these and the rest of her photos!

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Hanna's Private Gift - B/W Boudoir session part 2

I promised to show you also part two of the Private Gift and boudoir session I had with Hanna last week and here it is! Once again I found so many favourites that I couldn't keep it to just a few photos. Hanna is pure pleasure to work with! If you have forgotten about part one, click here!

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Book a boudoir session and feel absolutely amazing!

Personally, I like to be in control and yes, one of the effects from that is that I don't like to be photographed if I don't know what the photo will look like. At all. And that's it. But, at the same time, it's an amazing feeling when I see a photo of myself that I actually like and it does something special for my self confidence that almost can't be described! So, even though I say I don't like to be photographed I have a kind of constant secret wish to get beautiful photos of myself and I think the hate-love relationship I have with the camera makes me understand the many clients that book me for a boudoir session. For someone that never have been photographed professionally before it might seem intimidating to take these kind of photos but I promise that the end result will give the self confidence a boost!

I never post boudoir photos without getting permission from the client and when I asked this gorgeous bride about it she swiftly replied that "You don't know what your question does for my ego :-)!" and then she thanked ME! But, come on, I'm the one that should thank her for allowing me to post this, she is so beautiful!

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Another black & white boudoir session - for your own sake

I shoot a lot of boudoir sessions and I love it, but I can't post boudoir photos here on the blog that often. Why? Because of their private nature of course and the fact that most clients want to keep their photos private. Today though, this gorgeous lady told me I could show you some of her photos from her session some time ago. She was very nervous when we met but her presence in front of the camera was something special, she literally transformed and turned into what you can see here. She is great and so could you be - you don't need a special reason to book a boudoir sesssion, you can do it for your own sake!