British/Swedish spring wedding at Lidingö

bröllop-wedding-högberga-1 Congratulations to Veronica and Nick! They got married at Lidingö church a couple of weeks ago and they had a lovely wedding day together with friends and family both from Sweden and the UK. As always, working with Wedding planner Stockholm, Mariella Gink, is a pleasure and she always makes my work as a wedding photographer nice and smooth.

Veronica and Nick, I wish you all the best and I am sure that your life together will be just as great as your wedding day! You are about to get a private delivery of photos but for now, I give you and all other visitors of my blog some previews of what you will get more of next week.

Have a nice weekend!

Church: Lidingö kyrka Venue: Högberga gård, Lidingö Wedding coordinator: Wedding Planner Stockholm, Mariella Gink Photo assistant: Annette Kongsmark

bröllop-wedding-högberga-2 bröllop-wedding-högberga-3 bröllop-wedding-högberga-4 bröllop-wedding-högberga-5 bröllop-wedding-högberga-6 bröllop-wedding-högberga-7

The next four photos of groom, © Annette Kongsmark.

bröllop-wedding-högberga-7-b bröllop-wedding-högberga-7-c bröllop-wedding-högberga-8 bröllop-wedding-högberga-9 bröllop-wedding-högberga-10 bröllop-wedding-högberga-11 bröllop-wedding-högberga-12 bröllop-wedding-högberga-13 bröllop-wedding-högberga-14 bröllop-wedding-högberga-15 bröllop-wedding-högberga-16 bröllop-wedding-högberga-17 bröllop-wedding-högberga-18 bröllop-wedding-högberga-19 bröllop-wedding-högberga-20 bröllop-wedding-högberga-21 bröllop-wedding-högberga-22 bröllop-wedding-högberga-23 bröllop-wedding-högberga-24 bröllop-wedding-högberga-25 bröllop-wedding-högberga-26 bröllop-wedding-högberga-27 bröllop-wedding-högberga-28 bröllop-wedding-högberga-29 bröllop-wedding-högberga-30 bröllop-wedding-högberga-31 bröllop-wedding-högberga-32 bröllop-wedding-högberga-33 bröllop-wedding-högberga-34 bröllop-wedding-högberga-35 bröllop-wedding-högberga-36