Helen & Jonas at Ulriksdal - The dream wedding!

What if a project leader should marry another project leader, do you think it would be a perfectly planned wedding? Well, in this case there's no doubt Helen and Jonas had a perfect wedding yesterday and even the sun and the rain played their parts - some rain for a happy marriage and sun for the outdoors photo session!

The sparkling wedding rings are were made by Gunnar Fahlström.

Helen had a beautiful designer dress, Cosimma from Melissa Sweet's collection at Priscilla of Boston. I just love the floral details!

The bride and groom met each other in their wedding clothes for the first time in the garden at Ulriksdal's castle. I tried to keep myself in the background and used my 135 mm f2.0 lens to capture the moment.

Helen chosed pale pink roses for her bouquet and it was perfect for the romantic photos they had asked for.

The first of the portraits below was shot with 16-35mm f2.8 at 20 mm and f2.8. For the other portrait shots I used 85 mm f1.2 wide open.

Just look at Jonas' face when he saw his bride walk up the aisle whit her dad - pure love!

And as always, last but not least, many thanks to my assistant! This time Thomas Ljungberg did all the hard work carrying my stuff throughout the portrait session! He also made sure we had four umbrellas with us but luckily we never had to use them! You can see some of his photos from this wedding on his blog here!