I got a question - do I only photograph beautiful brides?

Last night I met with about 20 photographers and out of nothing I got a question - do I only photograph good looking couples and drop dead gorgeous brides? How do I answer to that question! If I say no, it would be a lie because I love the looks of my brides and if I say yes it gives the wrong impression because my brides are just like you - normal people that never have been in front of a professional photographer's camera before. And yes, I blog about all my couples that allow me to do so, so I don't hide away anyone either! So, could it be that a little extra love from your husband to be on your wedding day, flattering light, a relaxed photo shoot and me choosing the right perspective could be the secret? I wish to think so! But, after all, sometimes a true beauty turns up in front of my camera as well and working with the photos from my 29 January wedding I realise that this bride simply is a true beauty that would look great no matter what! Don't you agree!