Many thanks PwC - now I go full time photographer!

Many of my blog readers and clients don't know that I have never been a full time photographer even though I have always wanted to give my clients the best and most professional service there is. But, things are about to change and as from today I'm a full time photographer, taking my strive to give my clients the best to an even higher level! I look forward to what's to come with great expectations, curiosity, inspiration and, I have to admit, a large portion of humility.

In 1999 I graduated from law school at Stockholm university and after almost seven years working at court I joined PwC Tax in February 2006. The last five years I have been working as a corporate tax advisor in the Stockholm office and I think it's the best place possible to work if you want to learn from and work with the best in the business, and to get the perfect mix of career challenges and great colleagues. And I do. Really, I still want to in a way, but the day and night only have 24 hours and I have come to a point when I have to choose between two careers I love. So, now the time has come to put all my effort and passion into my own business and go full time as a photographer. In March I will move my workplace into a new studio and of course I will keep you updated on all exciting news to come!

I want to send a huge thank you to all colleagues at PwC and I also want to say that the gifts I received my last day were just perfect! THANKS!

And yes, I know that even tax laywers can have unknown talents in front of the camera lens so why don't you give it a try with me!