Lindísima Wedding Photography - 5 month later...

When I first met with Stephanie and Christian at their booking appointment in July 2009 they had plans to get married in Stockholm in June 2010. But, it turned out that they got married in New York at New Year's Eve 2009 instead. The question then was whether they still should let me take the photos to celebrate their love and guess if I felt lucky when they did!

Stephanie's parents are from Taiwan but she grew up in the US and now lives in Solna. Christian currently lives in Belgium but in a month they will both move to New York so they will never have to be away from each other again!

We decided to meet near Slussen at 6 pm a couple of days ago and the evening sun is amazing..... just look at the photo below shot with Canon EOS 5D MarkII and 85mm f1.2L (wide open)!