Marie & Johan - A couple sweet as candy!

I love sweet candy. I love weddings. I love colours. I love beautiful dresses and details. And yes - I loved to photograph Marie's and Johan's wedding portraits in Uppsala! As you can see they had chosen both pink and turquoise as their colours for the wedding and I think the combination is great for such a happy day as a wedding day!

It's true that all brides are beautiful but it's also true that Marie definately is one of a kind! Just look at this photo, shot with 85mm f1.2L wide open and please notice that I have done nothing with her skin in the post processing (except for colour enhancing etc.)! The extremly short depth of field and her completely flawless face was a match made in heaven and made my work as a photographer pure joy!

Her hair decoration was made by Prickig Katt.

The photo below absolutely is one of my favourites!